She will be the first woman to represent the U.S. Olympic team in both the halfpipe and slopestyle.

By Faith Brar

If you haven't heard of Devin Logan, the Olympic silver-medalist is one of the most dominant freeskiers on the U.S. women's ski team. The 24-year-old recently made history by becoming the only female skier on the U.S. Olympic team to qualify for both the halfpipe and slopestyle-the two freeskiing events currently on the Olympic program. And, NBD, but she's also projected to win medals in both events, making her a formidable opponent. (Related: 12 Female Athletes to Watch at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics)

It goes without saying that Logan has dedicated the last decade of her life preparing her mind and body for the Olympics. Training is a huge part of that. Before this year, that meant hitting the slopes as much as possible. But now, Devin has taken a much different approach, focusing on spending more time in the gym.

"This year, rather than training on the snow in New Zealand with my teammates, I decided to spend my time in the gym instead," says Logan. "I knew I needed a rev-up on my strength and conditioning to better prepare my body for the grueling season I had up ahead." (Related: Follow These Olympic Athletes On Instagram for Serious Fitness Inspo)

Logan says she usually spends five days in the gym, dedicating three of those to strength training and two to cardio and endurance. Leading up to the games, she's added plyometric moves (they're one of the top five highest calorie-burning exercises) and powerlifting into the mix to see if it would help optimize her performance. "There's so much jumping and landing involved in our sport and that starts taking a toll on your body, especially your knees," she says. "So the goal behind including these workouts was to gain more full-body power so that I wasn't destroying my knees and also felt more confident and stronger making those kinds of moves." (Related: Powerlifting Healed This Woman's Injury-Then She Became a World Champion)

Her new approach has definitely paid off and she feels her recent accomplishments prove that. "It's had a major impact not just in terms of my performance on the slopes, but building overall strength has also helped me keep up with my intense schedule," she says. "After spending weeks on the road and competing back-to-back days, you can definitely start to feel your body shut down a bit, but I'm feeling great."(Related: Ralph Lauren Just Unveiled the Uniforms for the 2018 Olympic Closing Ceremony)

While she often takes home medals for all her hard work and dedication, Logan says success is really about just giving it her all and having no regrets. "To some degree, I feel like I've already achieved my goal," she says. "Competing in the Olympics for both the halfpipe and slopestyle was a dream for me, which I've already accomplished. From here on out, whatever happens will be icing on top of the cake."

That's why Logan is teaming up with Hershey's Ice Breakers, an Olympics sponsor, to encourage her fans to pursue their own #UnicornMoment-because sometimes victory isn't about the reward, it's about what it takes to get there. "Together, all the athletes representing this campaign want to inspire people to share their personal accomplishments, no matter what they might be, and boost each other's confidence by taking on unexpected challenges," she says. "You won't know what you're capable of doing unless you get out there and try, and we want to encourage people to do just that." (Related: Olympic Athletes Share Body Confidence Tips)

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January 13, 2019
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