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How to Run Faster

Run Faster!

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PUMA's lightweight Faas collection is all about getting you to your absolute top speed. (In Jamaican, "Faas" equals “Fast.”) The Faas 250, Faas 300, and Faas 500—at three levels on PUMA's cushioning scale—incorporate the brand's unique new BioRide technology, with its three key components: "Rocker," "Flex," and "Groove."

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Run Your Fastest!

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Whether you've just signed up for your first 5K or have a few half marathons under your race belt, running faster is sure to be on your list of goals. Here are a few rules for chasing after your next personal best—and achieving it—in running. Plus, inspirational tips on how to increase your speed from real women like you.

PUMA Faas 250

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With a less-is-more design philosophy in mind, the PUMA Faas 250 is built from the ground up, using only the essentials for the speed racer in you. The sneaker features an unlined construction and a close-to-barefoot feel, with a design approach that focuses on simplicity.

How to Run Faster: Start Out Slowly

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Ironically, the first key to running faster is to start slowly. In training, spend time building your aerobic fitness and strength before racing ahead to speedwork. At the races, include a warmup to activate your muscles and gradually build into your race speed. The gains you make from easing into both training and racing will help keep you injury-free, help your performance progress at a rate your body can handle, and allow you to reach a higher fitness peak.

PUMA Faas 300

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In need of a little extra speed? No extra materials or fancy gadgets weigh down the PUMA Faas 300, a shoe that’s all about the joy and competitiveness of running. Its unique style sets it apart, with an overlay featuring circular cut-outs for a dynamic, two-toned look.

How to Run Faster: Focus on form

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The time you invest in focusing on your form will pay off in free speed. Proper running form is both efficient and economical. Aim for relaxed arm carry, strong push off and faster cadence to make the most of your running form. Identify any weaknesses in your form, then address them with drills or strength exercises at least once a week.

PUMA Faas 500

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The PUMA Faas 500 is sure to get you noticed on the track, during that next road race or on a treadmill. Fun, bright colors only further enhance their attention-getting style, while added structure and cushioning provide a comfortable, naturally-responsive ride.

How to Run Faster: Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Set a meaningful end goal for yourself that you find motivating and challenging. Then, consult with an online program, a reputable book or a running coach to design a program that maximizes your time and minimizes junk miles. That means your training plan should focus on quality, rather than quantity. High-quality training is that which is specific to your goal and your skill level. Running extra miles beyond what is necessary may break you down and wear you out.


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