• Get In Gear
    Padded shorts or a gel seat cover will provide cushioning between you and the saddle, which helps reduce numbing. Bike shoes are another must for regular cyclists. "They snap into the pedals and will make your strokes more powerful," says Caroline Dawson, a Spinning master instructor in New York City.
  • Set Up The Bike Right
    Adjust the seat so when one pedal is in its lowest position, your knee is just slightly bent. Your handlebars should be about the same height as the saddle, or a notch or two higher.

  • Don't Force Yourself To Keep Up
    "If the instructor cues you to start another climb and your legs feel like spaghetti, increase the resistance half as much as she suggests and/or pedal more slowly than your classmates," says Dawson. "If everyone is sprinting and you can't catch your breath, stay at your current speed."