Known for her tough coach-persona, we get the feeling the celeb trainer is good at keeping herself and other people motivated.

By Renee Cherry
July 09, 2018

Everyone makes excuses for not working out sometimes. It's real; it's life; it happens. But if you're particularly creative with your reasons (ex: I might run into my ex who I think moved away, but I haven't seen in forever on the way to the gym), you may end up talking yourself out of exercising more often then not.

If you want to stop ditching your workout plans so often, Jillian Michaels' advice may help reframe your perspective. Michaels is known for her tough fitness coach-persona, and we get the feeling she's good at keeping herself and other people motivated. So, we asked the trainer to talk us through some of the most common workout excuses. Listen to her reason through your go-to complaint and you might stop using it-or decide to cut yourself some slack. (Related: Lacking Workout Motivation? 12 No-Fail Comebacks for Every Excuse In the Book)

"I'm too tired after work."

First, she gets it. A long day at work can make working out seem like self-punishment. Michaels suggests using convenience to make working out more bearable after a full workday. Whether it's a workout DVD, a fitness app, (Michael's has a workout app herself), or an online streaming platform, the options don't end with the gym. "Do it in your living room. Equipment, no equipment, up to you." Commit to just 10 minutes, and once those endorphins are flowing, you might feel like doing more. (According to Michaels, finding your 'why' is the key to fitness success.)

"I hate feeling like people are watching me."

Err, sorry, but Michaels isn't as sympathetic to this one. "Who gives a f*ck if anybody's watching you at the gym?" In fact, Michaels is one of the people who's watching other people at the gym, "and their form is horrendous." Seems like the answer to this common workout excuse is simply to put your blinders on and stop short of letting what other people think about you (hint: it's probably nothing) get between you and your workout-and those results.

"Fitness classes cost so much money."

True, if you're buying a new class a la carte every day, you could end up spending as much your fitness as on your rent. But that's not an excuse to quit working out altogether since Michaels points out that there are plenty of low-cost options. "There are places you can go and pay ten bucks a month and just use the gym," she says. "Or you can go outside and be active. If you live where there's water, kayak, paddleboard, go for a hike, go for a jog, go for a bike ride." The key is to find the kind of fitness that works for you. (Related: The Total-Body Stairs Workout You Can Do Anywhere)

"I want to try a new class, but I'm scared I'll embarrass myself."

Michaels owns up to this one. It's why she avoids dance classes and the "thigh spreader" (abductor) machine at the gym. Simple solution: Just stick to what you're comfortable with, she says. "I mean I'm supposed to tell you not to care what other people think but I answered that already elsewhere and there are certain things I'm just unwilling to do in public." Looks like there are exceptions to even Michaels' own rules.

"I just don't have the time."

When life gets crazy, chances are your workouts are the first thing to go. But there are lots of reasons they shouldn't be. One of them? Working out can help you better manage stress. Michaels recommends carving out time in your schedule every week, no matter how crazy your life is. Shoot for four half-hour sessions a week, she says. That might mean getting creative. "If you don't have time to go to the gym, don't go to the gym. If you need to be a little sweaty at the office, the world's not going to end." (Try Michaels' one-minute workout when you're completely booked.)

"I have my period."

Sometimes an "excuse" is a legit reason to skip a workout, and this is definitely one of them in Michaels' opinion. "Girl, stay home," she says. "Take a rest day. You can watch Netflix. It's okay." (Related: I Worked Out In 'Period Shorts' and It Wasn't a Total Disaster)