Follow this exclusive training plan to become stronger, faster, and fitter in just 14 days

By Karla Bruning

Every day, Nike+ NYC coaches lead runs and workouts for all skill levels on the streets of the Big Apple, using the city as a gym-no equipment needed. But you don't have to live in NYC to "Just Do It" with Nike+ NYC Run Club Head Coach Chris Bennett and Nike+ NYC Master Trainer Traci Copeland, who teamed up to design this exclusive plan for Shape. With three days of training, two days of running, and two flex days per week, the plan integrates Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Running to make you a stronger, faster, and fitter athlete, whether you're simply looking to stay in shape or getting ready for a race.

How It Works:

You'll pair pounding the pavement with bodyweight exercises. "Running and training are really good partners in crime," Copeland says. "Get outside your comfort zone if you're used to exercising just one way."

Are you a runner who shuns strength training? "To be a better runner, you have to be a better athlete," says Bennett. "Training is the perfect compliment to running. Not only are you becoming a better runner, but all that training makes you much tougher to get hurt." (Also check out the ultimate strength workout for runners.)

On Monday and Wednesday, you'll do variations of the Nike+ Training Club app Conditioning Corp and Butt Buster routines. "Running is a one dimensional movement," Copeland says. "These workouts fire up different areas of your body so one muscle group doesn't get tapped out." On Friday, you'll stretch it out with a yoga session. "This type of training is only going to help if you want to become a better runner by making you faster and helping you go longer," Copeland says. (New to yoga? See the 12 top tips for beginner yogis first.)

If you're a gym rat who shies away from cardio, give running a try. "Any kind of well-rounded workout is going to be a combination of cardio and training. And running is the best form of cardio," Copeland says. "It gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Put your shoes on and see how far you go." And remember, "if you have a body, you're a runner," says Bennett.

On Tuesday and Thursday, you'll learn an arsenal of running workouts that you can adapt endlessly in the weeks to come: Speed Workout, Progression Run, Strength Workout, and Tempo Run.

Finally, your weekend is free to fill with workouts you love, whether that's a spin class, weekend hike, anything. "Feel free to make it a seven-day plan," says Bennett, who suggests an easy recovery jog. "Go out with a friend, slow it down, and still learn something from that run. It should feel as low stress as possible."

What's Next?

Copeland recommends repeating the training workouts for a month. Once you're comfortable, add weights or a medicine ball to pump up the movement. "I like to challenge myself," she says. "Maybe I can hold that plank longer. Maybe I can do two minutes today instead of one." And you can always turn to the Nike+ Training Club app for more ideas from the 100 full body workouts designed by Nike Master Trainers.

After the two weeks of running, Bennett encourages athletes to play with pace, distance and progressions. "People are usually way faster-and tougher-than they think they are," Bennett says. For example, repeat the speed workout with the same number of intervals at the same pace, but give yourself 90 seconds rest instead of two minutes between repeats. Or lengthen the distance of your Progression Run or Tempo Run.

If you're in New York City, you'll find Nike+ NYC's full menu of live sessions at And no matter where you sweat, use the Nike+ Training Club app to track your sesh, add Nike+ Running workouts and customized drills, stream workouts to your TV or tablet, and more. (And if it's too cold to go outside? Try our indoor cardio calorie crusher workout to stay on track with your cardio sessions!)

Ready to rock it?

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