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Runaway Bridesmaids Team in Training

Dress for Success

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Granted, this wasn't my most hideous dress—I actually liked it and wore it to my younger sister's wedding earlier this month. Still, racing in any dress requires friction-free undergarments, such as spandex and a supportive sports bra. Another first: buying neon-yellow running sneakers because I liked how they looked with my bridesmaids dress.

A New Take on Drag Racing

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Taking a break from our 18-mile training runs on the weekends to have fun with our friends helped me get out of a running rut. The best part of doing the 5th Avenue Mile as the Runaway Bridesmaids team was seeing our guy friends in dresses—and hearing all the cat calls from the ladies in the crowd.

The Best Line of the Day

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Female police officer to one male team member on his way to the race, who was wearing a one-shoulder black dress: "You look very sexy." Runaway Bridesmaids racer: "Don't sexually harass me, officer! I'm wearing this to help fight sex trafficking."

Get Married, Give Back

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Lost Girl and Runaway Bridesmaid Amanda Pressner is getting married this year, and is supporting the Runaway Bridesmaids cause by signing up for's first ever charity registry. She may have gotten a few ideas about what kind of dresses she wants her own bridesmaids to wear from the event.

Green with Envy

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We definitely weren't in it to win it wearing dresses, but we didn't do too bad overall. Congrats to the big guy in the green dress who, despite all the catcalls from the women on the sidelines, persevered to win first place in the Runaway Bridesmaids heat with a 5:54 mile.

Just Getting Started

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Six of us are going on to run 26.2 miles in dresses for the New York City Marathon on November 4th. Check out our Crowdrise page to find you how YOU can help fight sex trafficking and make a real difference in kids' lives without having to even leave home—or wear a poofy dress.


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