Sidestep Training Trip-Ups

Don't let these workout-related problems stand in the way of your dream of finishing a triathlon.


Where there's friction-whether skin on skin or clothing on skin-there's the potential for raw spots. To prevent chafing, choose snug-fitting clothes with flat, smooth seams. When you run or bike, take note of hot spots, like your inner thighs. If you feel any rubbing, apply a product like Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel ($7; at drugstores) before every session.

Shin splints

This painful inflammation along the front of your lower legs is often caused by the impact of pounding the pavement. To prevent the pain, stretch the muscles around your shins after every session and try hoofing it on softer surfaces, like dirt or a treadmill, at least once a week. After every run, stretch your leg muscles with this move.

Lower back soreness

It's a weak core, not the bent-over position on a bike, that makes you ache. "When you're pedaling, you're pushing against your abs and back," says Craig Sheckler, the owner of Endurance Multisport in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, who designed this training plan. "If those muscles aren't strong, they tire out faster and feel sore during saddle sessions."

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