5 Things That Could Make a Personal Trainer Stop Working with You

One Revenge Body trainer shares some of her fireable offenses.

If you tune in to Revenge Body, then you watched some drama unfold on a recent episode. After lying about having a boyfriend with leukemia, a guest named Joel Garcia was kicked off the show. What you didn't see? Ashley Borden, his trainer on the show, was the person who convinced him to confess his lie to the show's production team. And after Garcia was fired, Borden decided to finish taking him through her 12-week fitness program off-air. "He was honest and told production that he had been dishonest, which I thought was the best first step for him," says Borden. "I did not want to leave him high and dry, and I did not feel like it was right to not continue to work with him." She continued to meet with Joel off camera and he ultimately lost 53 pounds. (

While Borden ultimately decided to continue training Joel, she admits to firing a handful of clients who have crossed a line in the past. What a trainer is willing to put up will obviously vary, but here are some general no-nos you're going to want to avoid, based on Borden's experiences.


All of Borden's deal-breakers fall under the general umbrella of showing disrespect to your trainer. "I absolutely work for you, I am your trainer," she says. "But there's a difference between 'I'm your trainer' and 'I'm your bitch,' and I am not anybody's bitch. When there's a verbal disrespect, that's an absolute no-you're fired immediately." Hopefully, we don't need to teach you this golden rule, but remember to treat others (in this case, the trainer who is whipping your butt into shape) how you'd like to be treated.


If there's anything you don't like about your training session, whether it's an exercise or your trainer's coaching style, you should speak your mind. Just don't make it into a heated personal attack. "I had a female celebrity completely step out of bounds and actually get in my face in a training session," says Borden. "It was the strangest thing." The takeaway: If you channel aggression toward your trainer and not a punching bag, there's going to be a prob.


If you caught Garcia's episode of Revenge Body, you know that excessive lateness isn't going to win you any brownie points with your trainer. When he showed up 20 minutes late to his first session, the production team had already been waiting for him for hours, and Borden was seething. Being late means you're wasting time your trainer could otherwise be using to work with someone else, not to mention you'll miss out on your precious workout time. This sets you up for a lackluster workout. And if you're consistently late, it could eventually lead to your trainer deciding to stop working with you altogether.

Taking Over

Assuming you've hired a legit certified trainer (please hire someone with credentials!), you shouldn't walk into the studio thinking you know more about fitness than they do. You wouldn't have hired them if that were the case. "If you come in to see me on the first day and you walk in the room and tell me everything we're going to be doing, what I'll say is, 'Wait a second, I have not done any biomechanic assessment on you, I need to assess your body, I will go ahead and tell you what's going on with your body. That is my skill,'" says Borden. If your trainer feels like you are taking over the session, and you refuse to accept their guidance, they probably won't feel comfortable working with you. (


Save the pet names for your S.O. "I had a new client who came in to met with me," recalls Borden. "We had a meeting first, and after the third time he called me 'honey,' I said, 'Wait a minute, let me just make something really clear with you, I'm not your honey, I am your trainer, and don't call me anything other than Ashley.' I could tell from that exchange, I was like 'No, this is not going to work.'" (

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