By Michelle Portalatin

If you're an experienced runner with 8 weeks or more to train before your race, follow this running schedule to improve your race time. This plan can help you prepare to break all your past PRs as you cross the finish line.

5K Pace Interval Run: Warm up with a 10- to 15-minute easy run. Run the assigned number of intervals followed by the corresponding rest intervals (RI). Cool down with a 10-minute easy run.

Hill Repeats: Warm up with a 10- to 15-minute easy run. Run up a hill (at least 6 percent incline on treadmill) for 90 seconds at a hard run (80 to 90 percent max effort). Jog or walk downhill. Cool down with a 10-minute easy run.

Tempo Run: Warm up with a 10- to 15-minute easy run. Run the assigned time at a 10K pace. Cool down with a 10-minute easy run.

CP: Conversation pace. Run at an easy pace where you would be able to hold a conversation.

Cross Train: 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise other than running, i.e. cycling, swimming, elliptical, stair-climbing, or rowing.

Strength Training: Complete the following circuits for a total-body strength workout.

Circuit 1: Complete three times through, then move on to the next circuit.

Squats: 12-15 reps (bodyweight or weighted depending on fitness level)

Pushups: 15-20 reps

Standing Rows: 15-20 reps

Plank: 30 seconds

Circuit 2: Complete three times through.

Walking Lunges: 20 reps (bodyweight or weighted depending on fitness level)

Pull-Ups: 12-15 reps (bodyweight or assisted depending on fitness level)

Medicine Ball Reverse Woodchops: 12-15 reps each direction

Side Plank: 30 seconds each side

Single-Leg Reach: 15 reps

Download your 8-week half-marathon training plan here

(If you're printing the plan, be sure to use landscape layout for best resolution.)


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