By Jeff Galloway
August 17, 2010
  1. Sign Up! By signing up for a 5K, and marking the date on your calendar, one is much more likely to do the minimal training below and get in shape.
  2. Count Back. Schedule each training session. In your appointment book or calendar, write each workout listed below on the appropriate date. Most races have online registration. Go to and search for one in your area or or
  3. Enjoy the Journey. Each walk or run can reduce stress, improve attitude, and enhance vitality for the rest of the day. By starting slowly, pacing yourself, and inserting "recovery breaks" you can feel good during and after each workout. This experience has empowered many to improve the quality of their lives in many other ways.
  4. Go slowly. The very slow long runs (no huffing and puffing) develop the endurance to go the distance. Runners should go about 2 to 3 minutes per mile slower than they usually run. You will receive all of the endurance from the run or walk whether you go fast or slow-so relax and enjoy the endorphins.
  5. Stride Gently. That's true whether walking or running. Shorter strides are more efficient and reduce aches and pains.
  6. Do only 3 workouts a week! The long one on the weekend gradually increases to race distance. A minimum of 20 minutes, on two other days, will maintain the endurance from the longer runs.
  7. Get Your Friends in on It: Group Support Helps! There are training groups in many cities. See

Jeff Galloway is a US Olympic runner and the author of numerous books on running, including North America's best selling running book, Galloway's Book on Running. You can find Galloway marathon programs in 85+ cities; find out more at

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