The plan you need to tackle your first—or tenth—triathlon in just 12 weeks

By Selene Yeager
Getty Images

Always wanted to compete in a triathlon, but don't know where to start? Don't sweat it! This plan-designed by triathlon coach Craig Sheckler of Endurance Multisport in the Lehigh Valley, PA-will take you from casual exerciser to endurance athlete in just three months. It's the perfect preparation for a sprint-distance triathlon (that's a 0.6-mile swim, 12.4-mile bike ride, and a 3.1-mile run). Start training today and you'll be race-ready by July.

You can do this! This plan assumes you can swim one length of a pool (25 yards) without rest, bike for 20 minutes continuously, and jog for 15 minutes, taking walk breaks as needed. Not quite there? Simply repeat week 1 two or three times before moving on to week 2.

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