Workout Trends

Be in the know when it comes to the latest fitness trends. Whether it’s a popular online workout from an Instagram fitness star, or the newest fitness class everyone is talking about, you’ll know what to try and what to skip.

Adidas Wants to Help You Dedicate Your Next Workout to COVID-19 Frontline Workers

For every hour of exercise—whether you're running, walking, cycling, even doing yoga in your living room—Adidas will donate $1 to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.
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This Story-Based Fitness App Trains You to Survive an Alien Invasion

The Apocalypse Survival Training app immerses you in another world where it's up to you to train for speed, strength, and control to save civilization from alien invaders.
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Meet the First Amputee to Run 100 Miles On a Treadmill In One Day

Jacky Hunt-Broersma joined the Aravaipa Strong Virtual Race after her long-awaited 100-mile endurance event was postponed due to COVID-19.
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This Video of an Olympic Swimmer's Creative On-Land Swim Workout Has Gone Viral

Yuliya Efimova basically went for a swim in her kitchen.