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10 GIFs Every Gym-Goer Can Relate To

At a super-basic level, you go to the gym because it makes you feel good. Later that day when the endorphins are buzzing, or even a few weeks down the road when you're feeling extra strong and fit, you can look back at your gym habit with a sense of accomplishment. But the whole gym experience isn't always that rosy when you're actually there and working out. If you're a regular, you can probably relate to these little annoyances, embarrassing moments, and hilarious fails that can only happen when you're somewhere between your last bicep curl and the next vinyasa class.

When someone tries to talk to you when you're wearing headphones


Sorry, I'm very busy and important.

When that guy is grunting super-loudly even though he's lifting 10-lb weights


On the plus side, being stronger than the guys is pretty awesome.

When it's your first time taking a new class and everyone else already knows the moves by heart


All those dance classes your mom enrolled you in as a kid can't save you now.

When you forgot your water bottle and are forced to drink from the slow dripping water fountain


Take a hot yoga class, or step inside a sweltering spin studio and panic? Here's exactly how much water to drink before hot and humid fitness classes.

When you thought you were cooling down and the instructor says, "time for abs!"


Why would you play a trick on me like that with the dimmed lights and slow music?!

When someone's taking up all the space by the free weights and you just need one 20-pounder


Outta my way. I have things to do and muscles to sculpt over here. 

When you're trying to remember how you're supposed to use a rowing machine


Reacquaint yourself with the proper form, and then test your skills with this 20-Minute Total-Body Rowing Workout.

When someone hogs the only squat rack 


And he's doing ~ curls ~

When a drop of your sweat flings onto your neighbor's mat during yoga


Hey, it's hot yoga. A girl can only contain her sweat so much.

When you're trying to take a discreet selfie and the shutter sound goes off




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