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The 10 People You Love to Hate In Spin Class

You're gearing up for your favorite spin class, and—after a long day (or week) at the office—you're so ready for a seriously sweaty cardio sesh. But grab the bike next to that girl or scream inside when that guy shows up, and your dreams of leaving stress in the dust of your bike pedals can quickly be shattered.

You know exactly who we're talking about, so let's vent together, shall we?

1. First and foremost, the girl who stole your favorite bike.

Rihanna Annoyed GIF

You're here every week for the Thursday 5:30 p.m. ride. And every week you're on bike 12. Who does this random straggler think she is?

2. The girl two bikes over who never follows the instructor.

Why Are You Here GIF

If you wanted to do your own thing, why did you take this class?! She's climbing while the class is sprinting, and standing while you're seated. It's impossible not to notice and is crazy distracting.

3. The person in front of you bouncing like a bobblehead doll.

Confused Woah GIF

You're trying not to judge, but the instructor has not so subtly reminded the class (three times now) to tighten your core when you're up in position two to reduce the urge to bounce.

4. The guy in the back who you swear is just here to stare at everyone's butt.

John Ham GIF

There are a million bikes up front! What he's doing back there? (More: 12 Things All Avid Spinners Can Relate To)

5. The girl who has the torque turned up way too high.


Sure, you're supposed to feel challenged, and you should never be afraid to dial up that resistance knob, but she can barely turn the pedals without hurling her entire body forward. You're going to hurt yourself, girl!

6. The rider who is always just a few strokes ahead on the leaderboard.

Oh Hell No GIF

Argh! You're giving it all you've got, but you just can't seem to catch her. On the upside, this friendly competition has brought your energy output to new heights.

7. The guy making sudden loud noises about to scare you right off of the saddle.


The energy is high, music is pumping, everyone is excited, but the staccato grunt or "woo" sound—what exactly is that?—is so jarring you nearly fall off your bike. This is not the kind of jolt in heart rate you were looking for.

8. The instructor who doesn't ride with you.

Chrissy WTF GIF

Of course, there are exceptions here: injury or exhaustion (teaching back-to-back classes is grueling) are two of them. But how are you supposed to get in the groove and push yourself if the instructor doesn't do the same?

9. The instructor who calls you out for ditching the stretch.

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Maybe you have some ab work you want to get in before you completely cool down. Or maybe you'd rather foam roll and stretch on your own. People leaving early can be distracting, sure, but shouldn't we all be entitled to end our workouts our own way?

10. The nosy neighbor.

Worry About You GIF
Maybe she is just checking out your awesome skills [brushes shoulders off], but studio etiquette reigns supreme. Mind your form, and stop watching mine.


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