11 Things You Should Never Say to a CrossFit Addict

If your friend practically lives at the box and won't stop talking about her WODs, you might want to avoid these topics

It used to be that you could mind your own business and CrossFit in your friend's garage, but over the past few years, the sport has become more popular than ever.

But with that popularity comes endless articles, opinions, and questions about what exactly the workout is-and why people have become so obsessed. For those who aren't familiar, here a few topics you miiight want to avoid with the barbell-lifters and AMRAP-lovers in your life.

"Aren't you worried about getting bulky?"

No! This is the number one stupid thing you could say. Big weights do not automatically equal big muscles.

"Are you paleo?"

Actually, I'm a vegetarian, and while there are some bacon-obsessed crazies at every box, if you tell them to back off, they will.

"Ugh, everyone who does CrossFit talks about it constantly."

That's because it's amazing, duh! Do you want to be in the best shape of your life? Do you want to make new friends and have a built-in community that genuinely wants to see you succeed in all areas, not just at the gym? Do you like endorphins? Yep, thought so.

"It's only for dudes."

Um, no. Just... no.

"So does everyone at your gym hook up with each other?"

Not really. I mean, I did meet my boyfriend at my gym, but it's about exercise! And teamwork! And making friends! Not dating.

"CrossFit seems like a really easy way to get hurt."

It's just as easy to get hurt doing any number of other activities. It's all about being smart and knowing your limits.

"What's wrong with your hands?"

Okay, yes, I have some blisters from doing pull-ups and toes to bar, and they're kind of gross, but I earned them.

"What's up with that knee-high socks and booty shorts look?"

It's a fashion statement. Plus, the socks protect your shins from the barbell during deadlifts and the shorts show off #squatbooty. It's an outfit that's both cute and functional.

"What's a box?"

CrossFitters are so cool that our gym has its own name. Deal with it.

"Are you competing in the CrossFit Games?"

Every year when we do the Open at my gym, all my non-CF friends seem to think I'm competing in the actual Games, which is incredibly hilarious. Have you seen pro CrossFitters in action? They're full-on professional athletes.

"Have you read that article about CrossFit in _____?"

Whether it's positive or negative, reading one article about the sport doesn't make you an expert. Head to a gym, try it out, and then let's talk!

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