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11 Thoughts All Newbies Have In Their First Barre Class

1. The warmup is fun! You feel like a legit ballerina right now.


You're basically the next Misty Copeland. [Brushes shoulders off.]

2. Wait...who knew moves so tiny could burn so much?!


I'm barely even moving my leg.

3. Are everybody else's thighs shaking like this?!


You don't understand what's happening to your body.

4. OK, this chick at the barre next to you is clearly an undercover professional ballerina sent here to make you look bad.



5. That moment when you slip out of your tuck to stretch while the instructor isn't looking...


Ahh, sweet relief.

6. You try so hard to hold that ball with your butt and thigh but it keeps popping right out.


This is way harder than it looks, alright?!

7. Your butt is actually on FIRE right now!


Your butt has never burned like this before. This can't be good.

8. That moment when everyone starts showing off their full splits at the end of class like they're in a music video...


Right, because that's normal.

9. And you're like...


Seriously, WTF?

10. You actually contemplate buying one of these as you walk out of class.


11. But it's OK because you know it's all in the name of a body like this...


You know you'll be back.


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