11 Thoughts Everyone with Big Boobs Has During a Yoga Class

It's like choking yourself, but not

I love yoga so much. I really do. Nothing puts me in a better mood than an hour of Vinyasa. Except, of course, when I look at all the cute matching sets my fellow yogis are wearing that I cannot. Or like, lowering their bodies all the way to the floor. Because boobs. Big boobs.

The good news: If you're a big-breasted yogi like myself, you're not alone. But, I can attest that, in fact, the struggle is all too real. Bet you've had every one of these thoughts at some point-yes?

1. Ugh. I thought the whole yoga thing was supposed to make me long and lean. So why are these STILL HERE?

2. Because of them, I still can't wear that cute matching set.


3. Or else I'd look like that.

4. Or TFW you get the look like "Put on a bra" and you're like, "I'm wearing one."

5. And I used to do child's pose with my knees together, but then I figured out that if I keep my knees wide, I can actually breathe.

6. Likewise, downward dog can be nearly impossible. It's like my boobs are punching me in the face sometimes.

7. The girls keep me from doing deep twists too. They restrict mobility in my shoulders sooo much because they weigh down my chest.

8. Laying down flat on my stomach for locust pose is more like LOLOLOLOLOL.

9. Currently wearing my chest as a beard during shoulder stand.

10. I wish I could get anti-gravity implants so they just float when I'm doing inversions.

11. I try to remember that part of my practice is accepting my body and my limitations that day, and working with what I have on the mat. Also because big boobs aren't the worst thing in the world.

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