Prank your fellow fitness lovers this April Fools Day with these hilarious jokes

By Mirel Ketchiff
Updated: April 01, 2016

You've already taped the kitchen sink sprayer's handle shut, put a bullion cube inside the shower head, covered the toilet with saran wrap... So with the house covered for April Fools Day, what's the next logical step? The gym, where you spend the second-most amount of time. Now, we believe that where you work out is a sacred space. But on April 1, there are few ways we'd love to prank our fellow fitness freaks-if we were really evil.

(Caveat: We don't condone actually trying any of these pranks, as they could be dangerous. But if you do, please have the decency to record the results.)

1. Replace the heaviest dumbbells in the free weight section with Fake Weights.

2. If your gym has a water cooler, poke near the top of the cups to make people "drool" when they drink.

3. Cover the gym chalk with a thin layer of white toothpaste.

4. Put up a "no squat" sign in the squat rack. (But where will they do these 16 booty-burning versions?)

5. Add white vinegar to the complimentary water bottles.

6. Sprinkle glitter in the folds of the stacked clean towels. (They probably could use another cleaning anyway.)

7. Bribe the manager to play "Eye of the Tiger" over the gym loudspeakers, on repeat. (People will love it... for the first five minutes.)

8. Replace the hair ties at SoulCycle with all the broke, furry, stretched-out ones from around your house and car.

9. Replace the WOD sign at your gym with one that lists just burpees...20 times.

10. Put up speed limit signs by the treadmill.

11. Bring in fresh pizza. Eat it while watching everyone work out. (Hey, it's healthy!)

12. Walk into the gym. Go up to people in the middle of working out, and ask them to take a picture of you flexing. Walk out.

13. Lay out your yoga mat perpendicular to everyone else's in the studio.


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