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12 Shocking Confessions from Personal Trainers

Personal trainers want what's best for their clients, but they often witness the very worst when pushing them to achieve their fitness goals. (Nix the 15 Exercises Trainers Would Never Do from your workout routine.) It's a tough task to motivate, teach, and discipline—all while keeping a level head. They cheer for your success, and it's just as frustrating for them when you slip with your diet or training regimen as it is for you.

Whisper asked their community's fitness trainers what they're thinking that they would, or wouldn't, want us to know, and the anonymous answers run the gamut from inspiring to a little scary. Read through the confessions, and then give your favorite trainer a hug as soon as you get to the gym.

When you're trying to get in shape, it's important to understand the difference between your weight and your BMI.

As a personal trainer it bugs me when people aren
As a personal trainer, do not ask me to help you with training plans and
meal prep for free. This is how we make a living, have some respect.

We all know how much misinformation and quick-fix diets that pop up all the time. Those crazes drive them nuts.

As a personal trainer, I cringe when I see any new fitness craze, because

Some of them face their own body image issues. They just don't admit out loud when they're doubting themselves.


Knowing too much is a fine line when it isn't your place to give advice. They wish they could fix other gym-goers' mistakes.

As a personal trainer, it cracks me up when people walk around the gym
doing random exercises that make no sense and expect to get in shape.

It can be really tough for them to deal with unhealthy clients.

Being a personal trainer I want to scream at my clients and tell them that
complaining won

Trainers sometimes love the same unhealthy foods you do. Some can't help but give in vices or struggle with motivation.

As a personal trainer I always tell my clients to stay away from fast
food... but there is nothing I love more than a large chocolate shake and
French fries.

They get sore too, guys!


They appreciate hard work, even if it's not their own.

As a personal trainer, I admire fit bodies because I know how much effort
it takes. I want to compliment girls without sounding creepy

The road to fitness ain't easy. In the end, they all want you to succeed.

Being a personal trainer, nothing makes me smile more than seeing even
bigger smiles on my clients.

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