For those who worship the wheel

By Lauren Mazzo
January 26, 2016

1. Spin class is the ultimate way to get away.


The happy place where you're surrounded by loud music, sweaty people, and good endorphins.

2. But bike butt is a real, recurring problem.


And when you go multiple days in a row? Um, ouch.

3. Once you try spinning with *serious* cycling shoes, you can't go back.


Wearing your usual sneakers? Never again.

4. You go to spinning class basically every day but the idea of biking outside is not, at all.


Then there's no cool music and strobe lights.

5. It's a huge bummer when someone else is on your favorite bike.


And your workout won't be nearly as good. It's proven by science (or something).

6. You prefer different instructors depending on your mood.


Sometimes you just need to chill out, sometimes you need a drill sergeant.

7. Obviously, you have extreme loyalty to your favorite studio.


Whether you're a Flywheel fanatic, a SoulCycle worshipper, or a Peloton team player, it's like your second home. #spinsquad

8. The outrageously high price of your favorite studio is so worth it.


Not buying a monthly pass doesn't even cross your mind.

9. You can't resist secretly competing against the girl next to you.


Consider it the equivalent of runners who treadmill race. Totally socially acceptable.

10. You buy workout clothes based on how good they'll look on the bike.


Leggings with a racing stripe down the side? AMAZE.

11. You have to force yourself to go to other workouts every once in a while.


Pshh, upper body? Who needs that.

12. Your friends roll their eyes every time you talk about spinning but you couldn't care less.


It's a lifestyle.

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