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This 12-Year-Old Learned Dubstep Dancing by Watching YouTube Videos—For a Year


We can be anything we want to be, or do anything we want to do—and nothing has made that easier than the internet. Need proof? Just look at 12-year-old Adilyn Malcolm. The child prodigy taught herself dubstep dancing while watching and imitating innumerable YouTube videos millions of times over the course of a year. For those of you who don't know, dubstep dancing is a mix of popular robotic dance moves that has been all over the Internet the past few years.">

To become a self-taught artist of any kind requires the kind of passion and dedication that doesn't come easily to many people. For Malcolm, it all started with a school report on Michael Jackson, which turned into a YouTube obsession of sorts.

She discovered dubstep dancing online and was hooked. Taking cues from dubstep dancing sensations like Marquese Scott, Malcolm carefully dissected each move before trying them out herself. "To learn the move, I usually watch it over and over and over. I probably watch like millions (of videos) until I figure out how they do it," Malcolm told Fusion.

Well, they do say practice make perfect.

That being said, it's questionable whether Malcolm would have mastered dubstep dancing at her age and in such a short time had she taken traditional dance classes. Not to mention that hiring private dance instructors isn't something everyone can afford.

"If you're on the Internet, you can really learn and teach yourself," Malcolm says. "[YouTube] benefits you by rewinding, pausing, doing all that stuff because you can watch it over and over again, but in a classroom, you can't do that." She does have a point.

Check out more of her dancing videos—including some America's Got Talent—audition tapes on her YouTube channel.



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