Life is sweaty outside the gym too

By Hannah Doyle

Workouts are exhausting. They make you sweat. And sometimes they make you go uuuuugh. But you know what else does that? A lot of things (we're looking at you, subway stairs!). Here are 13 other scenarios that account for work, sweat, and fatigue-even when there are no printed leggings involved.

1. Opening a Pasta Jar

If we did 15 reps of pasta jars would we look this ripped? Probably.

2. Climbing Stairs

It's like our brain knows the difference between the Stair Master and IRL stairs cause they hurt so. much. more.

3. Talking to Relatives

Because just like a workout, our body needs some TLC after.

4. Reaching for Tupperware

It's part stretching for the tower of plastic, part cleaning up what falls down that leaves us sweaty every time.

5. Putting on that One Impossible Dress

Because it leaves us gasping for air just like a HIIT workout.

6. Blowdrying Your Hair

It works the biceps, triceps, and your hair looks better after.

7. Watching 60 Minutes

The intensity on this show is so real, you'll sweat just by sitting on the couch. Just imagine if there's a treadmill involved.

8. Squeezing the Last of the Toothpaste

This is where your thumb gets to show off from all the screen-scrolling it's been doing.

9. Taking off Waterproof Makeup

The less Racoon-y your eyes, the more of a sweat you worked up.

10. Vacuuming

There is so much movement in this activity we're surprised Dyson hasn't opened its own boutique fitness studio.

11. Getting Ice Off Your Windshield

Kind of like Tae-Bo, but with a hat, down jacket, and an ice scraper.

12. Babysitting

The Fitbit doesn't lie-chasing around toddlers counts towards 10,000 steps.

13. Waiting at the DMV

It's like a marathon. For standing.



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