The addiction to those workout endorphins is real. We're not judging...

1. You have a favorite treadmill/yoga ball/stretching spot, etc.

Dog Baby Mine

And you get weirdly protective of it. If someone else is on it, there might be a throwdown.

2. You re-wear dirty gym clothes when it's almost laundry day.


If it's a choice between 1) going to the gym and re-wearing dirty stuff (you didn't sweat that much at yoga last week) or 2) not going to the gym, you wear the stinky clothes. ('s the *right* way to wash those workout clothes when you get around to it.)

3. You've declined happy hour because, obviously, you have a date with yourself at the gym.

Mean Girls No Thank You

4. But if you make any plans for after your workout, you're almost always late. You pretend to feel bad, but...


Time basically doesn't exist while on the move when you're gym addicted. It's not your fault you were in the zone.

5. You've stopped pursuing a date you kind of liked because you found out they don't work all.

Blake Lively Supposed to be Different Gif

It's a lifestyle. It's a religion. If they don't practice at least a little of the gym addicted lifestyle, it won't work out. (And hey, you can DIY your way to the big O, anyways.)

6. And you've ruled out any dates that have incredibly horrible gym etiquette.


Leaving dumb bells everywhere? Just imagine the other terrible things they might do.

7. Which means you do a lot of potential date stalking at the gym.

Zooey Deschanel Cut Guy Alert

...Or you're at least scouting them out at every workout.

8. You spend more money on gym clothes and shoes than you do on anything else (except food).

Mike Wahlberg Fresh Nikes

Who cares if I wear the same thing to work every day? My gym outfits are on point.

9. And since you look so good, you obviously check yourself out in every. single. mirror you pass while working out.

Looking In Mirror

That's why they're there, right? Plus, you have to closely monitor your progress.

10. Either you Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook post about the gym way too much...

Kim Kardashian Social Media

The social media fitness community is legit. You're just connecting with your people. Why not share what you love with your fellow gym addicted pals?

11. ...Or you hate people that do that with a passion.

Kourtney Kardashian Um No

You're here every damn day, and the only social media evidence is your banging bod. Yes, there's such a thing as too much sharing. (Also, humblebrag, much?)

12. And you get withdrawal symptoms after only one day off.

I haven

Including gym FOMO and serious guilt trips.

13. So on days when you have zero might as well go twice.

Watch Out I

It's either that or continue sitting on the couch. Might as well go back to the gym.