Basically, all of #adulting

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: August 18, 2016

We are a bit obsessed with the Olympics. What's not to love about watching the world's greatest athletes compete in some seriously insane sports (weightlifting, gymnastics, or diving, anyone?). The only downside: watching all of these incredibly talented people can make us feel a bit, well, average.

But even in an ordinary human's day, there are moments of victory that feel almost as good as winning gold. Here, 15 of those things that should definitely be considered Olympic sports.

1. Opening a really, really stuck jar of peanut butter, pasta sauce, coconut oil, etc.

Automatic gold medal if a dude couldn't get it open but you were successful.

2. Eating your post-workout meal so fast that no one even saw the food

Gotta refuel those muscles.

3. Sprinting naked from the bathroom to the bedroom when you forgot a towel

Deductions for falls and anyone who sees something they shouldn't.

4. Navigating your apartment first thing in the morning without contacts

Requirement for entry: contact prescription of -3.00 or higher.

5. Holding your pee in for ridiculous amounts of time (during an extremely long meeting or stupidly long bar bathroom line)

BTW here's what you need to know about the health risks of holding it in. Either way, it happens, and it's a true test of mental strength.

6. Carrying heavy-AF grocery bags from the car to the kitchen

Grip strength? Check. Biceps? Check. Spatial awareness? Check.

7. Number of hours in a Netflix marathon

The Office, snacks, and a comfy couch = gold medal-level stuff.

8. Texting while walking-in a straight line

How fast can you go without walking into a fountain or having 50 autocorrect mistakes? Go!

9. Running through transportation hubs in order to catch your plane/train/bus etc.

Equipment: one 50-lb. suitcase and a purse that downright refuses to stay on your shoulder.

10. Taking off a sweaty sports bra that's wayyyyy too tight

Extreme flexibility and upper body strength required.

11. Untangling your headphones

After days at the bottom of your purse. Yikes.

12. Eating just one potato chip/Oreo/doughnut hole, etc.

Portion control takes Olympic-level self-control when it comes to these treats.

13. Building Ikea furniture

Team sport. Injuring team members in the process results in disqualification.

14. Killing a spider

It takes a certain amount of finesse, guts, and actual ninja skills.

15. Putting on a fitted sheet all by yourself

Because that level of adulting requires it's own Olympic Games.


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