Spoiler alert: They're not always zen

1. Class hasn't even started...why do I feel this weird need to whisper in the studio?

Quiet Shh

Are we even allowed to talk?

2. Where should I put my mat?

Glee Lost

I'm def not going in the front; that's way too scary. But the way back screams "scared newbie."

3. Am I supposed to be close enough to touch the people next to me?


I feel like I need more personal space. Are personal bubbles not a thing in yoga?

4. Everyone else has super cute mats and Spiritual Gangster outfits.

Yoga Mat Roll Out

Cue yoga style envy.

5. I should have gotten a pedicure.


*Tries to hide unpainted toes under yoga mat.*

6. Since when am I so unflexible?

Dog Doing Yoga

Oh wait, I haven't been able to touch my toes since middle school gym class. And why can everyone else do this?

7. Why are we doing so many planks and push-ups?

Tina Fey Weak Arms

I think they just call them fancy yoga names to trick you. I thought this was supposed to be easy!

8. Is this what I'm supposed to be doing?


How am I supposed to know what to do if my eyes are closed?

9. What if I tip over? What if I fart?

Cat Doing Yoga

Please, yogi spirits, help me make it through this.

10. Oh god, now I keep forgetting to breathe.

Rihanna Breathing

Inhale, exhale, come on.

11. How can I even relax when I have SO MANY QUESTIONS?


I don't think you're supposed to have panic attacks in yoga. Must. Calm. Down.

12. This instructor does sound kind of like a hypnosis tape. It's kind of nice.

Taylor Swift Peaceful

13. Alright, I'm getting the hang of this. Plank, upward facing dog, downward facing dog.


Look at me ~flowin~. This feels damn good.

14. OMG. Savasana is the best. It's like adult nap time.

Cat Stretch

I could legit fall asleep right here, right now.

15. That was actually the most refreshing thing ever.

Lisa Kudrow Namaste

I think I have a future as a yoga instructor.