If you're not quite in the "early bird" category of exercisers, these feelings will be all too familiar

By Ashley Mateo
January 11, 2016

While some people swear by their morning workout high, it can be a workout in itself for other people to simply drag themselves out of their warm, cozy bed at the sound of their alarm. For those people, it might beg the question, Is It Better to Sleep In or Work Out? Whatever science says, we've all had days when we have to squeeze in an a.m. sweat sesh (hello, marathon training-or simply wanting to cram in a workout and happy hour). And if you're not exactly an early bird, those days can be absolutely brutal. In fact, you've probably ridden the emotional early morning rollar coaster below more than once.

[The night before:] This is going to be great!

I'm going to get my workout done first thing, and have so much time free after work tomorrow!

[The next morning:] Whhhhhyyyyyyy?

Who convinced me waking up this early was a good idea?

Those numbers on the clock are ones I never want to see in the a.m.

Anything before 8 a.m. is just straight-up unacceptable.

How many alarms can I possibly ignore?

It's totally normal to set at least three before I actually plan on getting up, right?

Uuuugh, fine, I'll get out of bed.


Good thing I laid out my clothes last night.

Because my brain is definitely not functioning at a level high enough to guarantee I put on pants, let alone matching socks.

To eat or not to eat?

I know I need fuel, but how can my body be expected to digest this early in the morning?

Not eat. Let's just get this over with.

But I'm not happy about forgoing my morning muffin, just so you know.

Wait, it's still dark.

It's just...we're not meant to be awake before the sun is up.Seriously, why is it so dark?

I hate this. I hate this so much.

Is that... Is that the sunrise?

Wow, that really is beautiful.

No wonder people get up this early to work out.

Hold on, gotta Instagram that #sunrise before I get to the gym.

Wait, but how do people have so much energy this early?

Like, I'm here, and I'm moving, but I wouldn't say I'm excited about it.

I'm going to need some music to get through this.

Pump up the jams, people, we've got a workout to get through.

Oh yea, is that "Sorry"? Yes. Now I'm fired up.

Heyo, there's that exercise high!

Whoo! I got this! I could go all day!

I can just feel those endorphins pumping.

Gonna ride that feeling all day long.

Wait, I have to go to work now?

I'm starting to remember why I don't like working out in the morning...

[3:00 P.M] Um, I'm never working out in the morning again.

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