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7 Wacky New Yoga Styles: Worth a Try or Just too Weird?

Naked Yoga

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Form-fitting yoga clothes reveal almost every imperfection, but nude yoga will really expose you. This freeing practice allows you to explore poses – and tune in to your body – without restrictive clothing. If you're not brave enough to practice in the buff in public, try it at home (blinds drawn) with our guide.

Aerial Yoga

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Take your practice to new heights, literally, with New York City-based Unnata Aerial Yoga. Each student uses a hammock-like fabric trapeze to prop up or fully support their body – so they are literally swinging in the air. These laid-back classes can help you achieve inversions without the usual strain.

Yoga for Foodies

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If you've ever thought, "This sun salutation would go well with a smoky Pinot Noir," then perhaps Yoga for Foodies, or founder David Romanelli's other classes, Yoga + Chocolate and Yoga + Wine are for you. A flowing class followed by a chef-curated feast? We'll drink to that... after downward dog, of course.

Hip-Hop Yoga

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Many studios mix modern tunes into their practices, but Hip-Hop Yoga classes at Boston’s Back Bay Yoga Studio (pictured above) really get into the groove. Soundtracks for these fast-moving classes feature artists from Eminem to the Black Eyed Peas; students spend a good deal of time off their mats, letting the rhythm take control. 

Yoga By the Sea

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Finding a balanced pose on solid ground can be tricky – now imagine yourself floating on a paddle board. Offered in various beachside locations, water yoga is a challenging workout, engaging all your core muscles as you try to stay on the board, and a peaceful way to connect with nature during your practice. Om.


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You can bring your downward facing dog back to its roots with this popular yoga trend. Doga combines meditation and message with stretching for both dogs and their human companions. Classes are popping up across the country in traditional yoga studios as well as centers more focused on the four-legged –– like humane societies.

Breast-Enhancing Yoga

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Yoga Bust Up is the yogi's answer to breast implants, "using specific yoga techniques to help firm, shape and increase one's bustline." But hey, we thought yoga was supposed to help you accept and get comfortable with your body! Hmmm, perhaps this is the yoga style Heidi Montag has been practicing.


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