This trainer just kicked some serious ass at the CrossFit Games Open

Lately, fitness trainers and models have been raising the bar (no pun intended) as to what's considered 'normal' while pregant. First there was Sarah Stage, a fitness model who proved that having six-pack abs just weeks before giving birth is totally possible and healthy. Then, Australia-based trainer Chontel Duncan proved yet again that there's no such thing as a 'standard' pregnant belly.

Now, in yet another example of the incredible things women can accomplish while pregnant, personal trainer Emily Breeze is making headlines for deadlifting 155 pounds for 55 reps while competing at the CrossFit Games Open-at 34 weeks along.

For those of you wondering, is that even safe? the answer is yes. As we've previously reported, docs agree that doing CrossFit while pregnant is completely safe, as long as you were doing it prior to getting pregnant. (More on that here: How Much Exercise Should You Do While Pregnant?) And, clearly, as a trainer, that's exactly what Breeze was doing before.

"My one-rep max on deadlift is 325 pounds, so 155 is less than 50 percent of my one-rep max," she told Us Weekly. "The 155-pound deadlift would not be considered too heavy for me. I'm working at 50 percent of my normal pre-pregnancy 100 percent." We repeat: She can normally dead-lift 325 pounds. Damn.

If you scroll through Breeze's feed, you'll see she's pretty much a boss when it comes to her workouts-pregnant or not. We particularly loved this comparison photo she posted showing her competing in the 2015 CrossFit games (when she was newly pregnant) versus last week (when she was 35 weeks pregnant). "A woman's body is so fascinating to me with the changes and ability to create life but also stay strong and healthy is beyond amazing," she writes.

Haters always gon' hate and trollers always gon' troll, but if there's anything we can learn from these social media moments it's that healthy pregnant women (just like women who are not with child!) can come in all shapes and sizes-and really, who is anyone to police a woman who is carrying another human being?!