"Want abs? Go get 'em, darlin. But not at the expense of your mental and emotional health."

By Faith Brar
Updated: December 19, 2017

Anna Victoria is known for killer Fit Body Guide workouts, pretty smoothie bowls, and refreshing real-talk about all things body acceptance. Whether it's opening up about her stomach rolls, sharing exactly what goes into those "perfect" fitness blogger pictures, or explaining why she doesn't care that she gained weight, Anna is all about body love-which, appropriately enough, is the name of her new workout app.

In a recent Instagram post, the influencer shared her inspiration behind the app, further elaborating on what "body love" really means to her.

"[Body love] is fueling, nourishing, challenging, AND loving your body all at the same time. No matter what that looks like," she says. "It's choosing to live and enjoy life over restricting yourself. But it's also choosing to nourish your body the majority of the time because it FEELS good."

She added that loving your body isn't just physical. It does wonders for your mental and emotional health. "One without the other does not equal a truly healthy life. All three are equally important. Done are the days the fitness industry tells you the only important thing is abs. DONE. Want abs? Go get 'em, darling'. But not at the expense of your mental and emotional health."

If you were looking for a healthy, positive way to view your own fitness progress this coming year, this is it.

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