These Fitness Apps Are Offering Incredible Deals to Help You Take On 2021

From extended free trials to discounted memberships, these sweet deals might make sticking to your New Year's resolutions a little easier.

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Sticking to New Year's resolutions is hard enough, but considering 2020 was easily one of the most stressful years in modern history, reaching your health and wellness goals might feel even more intimidating than usual. If you need help kicking things off, fitness apps across the board are offering free trials and discounted memberships to new users throughout the month of January — and, in some cases, even longer. (

Whether you're a sucker for a good HIIT class, like to wind down with a long yoga flow, or need to clear your mind with meditation, these apps are here to not only help you reset and recharge, but also save you a little money in the process.


If you're looking for a challenge that'll take you beyond January, Chris Hemsworth's health and fitness app Centr is offering new users a six-week free trial. You'll get access to over 1,000 workouts, 600 recipes, and 200 meditations and sleep visualizations, all crafted by Hemsworth's team of wellness experts, trainers, and chefs. Sign up by January 12 and you'll be able to join the app's Centr Fusion program — which includes six weeks of mindful movement (think: strength training, boxing-infused HIIT, and yoga) — for free.

Fhitting Room

To start the new year, Fhitting Room, a New York-based HIIT studio, is offering two weeks of free on-demand classes for new users for a limited time. New subscribers will get to take advantage of a full library of pre-recorded workouts that are both bodyweight- and equipment-based and suitable for all fitness levels. The best part? You can try a free 30-minute full-body workout on the studio's website beforehand to get a taste of the training style and see if it's right for you.

Alo Moves

Alo Moves is home to some of the best streaming workouts on the internet. To help you put your best foot forward in 2021, the app is offering a 50 percent discount to new subscribers who sign up for an annual membership. That means for just $9 per month, you can access hundreds of yoga, barre, and HIIT classes, countless meditations, tips on how to improve mobility and flexibility, and more. Download the app via Google Play or the App Store to take advantage of the offer before it's gone. (While you're at it, get yourself a pair of celeb-approved Alo Yoga biker shorts for your next workout.)


Peloton is jumping into the new year by enticing new users with a two-month free trial of its app — and don't worry, you don't need one of the brand's fancy bikes or treadmills to score this deal. Not only can you try Peloton's signature bike and treadmill workouts on your own cardio equipment, but the app also grants access to an array of HIIT, strength, yoga, barre, stretching, and meditation classes, each of which features top trainers motivating you along the way. (

305 Fitness At Home

If you're all about dancing your way into 2021, an annual subscription to 305 Fitness At Home might be the way to go. For its New Year's sale, the dance studio is offering its annual membership at a discounted price of just $10 per month for a limited time. The fitness app is home to live and on-demand classes that offer a perfect mix of aerobic and anaerobic training with sprints and muscle toning. Hosted by outrageously fun trainers, the classes also include targeted stretches and other recovery options. And hey, if you're not sure whether dance fitness is really your thing, you can also sign up for a seven-day free trial before taking advantage of the discounted membership.

Down Dog

To ring in the new year, Down Dog is making all of its apps — Yoga, HIIT, Meditation, Barre, and Prenatal Yoga — completely free. ICYDK, Down Dog's apps are uniquely customizable, allowing you to configure your workouts by length, level, focus, voice, music, and recovery. Download the collection of Down Dog apps today on Google Play or through the App Store to take advantage of the offer, which ends in February.


Exhale describes itself as "one part fitness, one part spa, all parts total wellbeing experience." The platform's fitness membership includes a huge library of live and on-demand barre, cardio, yoga, and HIIT workouts, normally priced at $50 per month. But as you head into 2021, you can score an Exhale Everywhere membership for half off at just $25 per month. Whether you're into fast-paced HIIT and cardio or low-impact yoga and barre, the app has something for everyone.

Emily Skye FIT

Over 14 million people around the world are obsessed with Emily Skye's workout app. To encourage more fitness enthusiasts to join her community in 2021, the Aussie trainer is offering new members a one-month free trial, as well as 50 percent off her app's year-long subscription, for anyone who signs up before January 31. That means for just $10 per month, you can get access to tons of home and gym workouts, exclusive programs for specific goals (whether you're working on your core or your glutes), and curated meal plans for a stronger, happier, and healthier you.

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