Already gave up on 2K17? Don't blame yourself—blame your city.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: November 30, 2017

New Year's resolutions are hard. Whether you've vowed to give up sugar, run a marathon, lose the extra weight you picked up over the holidays, or simply be more mindful, sticking to your resolution requires some serious dedication and lifestyle changes. But what if we told you that failing at your resolution year after year isn't your fault-it's the city you live in?

Ok, so it's not quite that simple-you're the one bingeing Game of Thrones instead of going to the gym- but where you live might determine how easy or difficult it is to stick to your healthy living goals. Analysts over at ranked the 89 largest metro areas in the U.S. based on how much each city encourages 1) an active lifestyle, 2) good eating habits, and 3) a positive mental state to compile a list of the best and worst places to live when it comes to keeping your resolutions. (Surprisingly enough, they're not exactly the same as the best cities for healthy living.)

The San Jose, California area took the top spot (not surprising, considering nearby San Fransisco also took home the top spot for the Best Cities for Marathon Training) and Jackson, Mississippi ranked the worst of the cities considered (hellooo, Southern comfort food). Check out the full top 10 and bottom 10 list below, or see the full ranked list of all 89 cities on

10 Best Cities

1. San Jose, CA

2. Denver, CO

3. Washington, DC

4. Boston, MA

5. Sacramento, CA

6. Reno, NV

7. Seattle, WA

8. Los Angeles, CA

9. Hartford, CT

10. Portland, OR

10 Worst Cities

80. Fort Wayne, IN

81. New Orleans, LA

82. Little Rock, AR

83. Winston-Salem, NC

84. Tulsa, OK

85. Houston, TX

86. Birmingham, AL

87. Scranton, PA

88. Chattanooga, TN

89. Jackson, MS

Obv, you can crush your resolution even if you live in Houston, or you could totally bomb it even if you live in Denver-your zip code does not define you. The real secret is knowing exactly how to crush your goal. We can help. Check out Personal Best for the tools and inspo you need to achieve your goals (whatever they are!) all year long. Join our Personal Best Facebook Group for 24/7 squad support and share your wins-big and small-on social using #mypersonalbest.


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