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8 (Totally Breathtaking) Countries Practically Made for Yoga Retreats

One of our favorite things about yoga is that you can do it pretty much anywhere. Just grab your mat (or beach towel) and you're good to go. So why not take advantage and book a full-on yoga retreat? Travel yoga company surveyed 450 of their yogi travelers and mined two years of their yoga travel data to come up with the top spots to roll out your mat around the world. (Psst...Check out these Once-In-a-Lifetime Fitness Retreats for Women.)

According to their results, Spain, India, and Thailand are the top destinations for yoga retreats around the world. As the birthplace of yoga, India is the perfect place to truly deepen your practice, which is why 63 percent of yogis report booking retreats.


There are some days when everything just falls into place, when you feel like everything is exactly as it should be, when you know you're in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. You get a glimpse, at those moments of synchronicity, at yourself as the whole, complete, pure spiritual being that you truly are. And you know right then and there that life isn't about what you have, but who you are. There are some moments in the practice when your body feels so right, so open, so strong, so free, so limitless, so full of infinite potential that it doesn't matter what you do or don't do because you're so filled up with inner light and everlasting peace. It's not about the asana, it never was. It's about the direct and transcendent experience of the eternal light within yourself. Surrender. Set yourself free by the act of faith. Find your way into your destiny. You're going to be so much better than just ok. You're going to shine brighter than a thousand suns . #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime . Photo by @ifilmyoga .

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For yogis who want to keep things a little closer to home, the top retreat destinations are California, Florida, and Hawaii. We have two words for these spots: beach yoga. With water this blue, it will be hard to go back to practicing inside once you return home.

The yogis at also found some other top yoga spots depending on the season. In the summer, yogis in the know head to France and Italy. You may think these Mediterranean escapes would be more about drinking wine than perfecting your wheel pose, but we assure you, you'll get plenty of both.

In the colder months, it's all about getting some great yogi tan lines on the beaches of Mexico, which clinches one of the top winter spots.


And sometimes you just gotta smile. I used to take everything so seriously. Everything from the practice to casual comments were filled with unbearable weight of being. My sincerity for the spiritual practice lead me into an artificial world of what I thought I needed to be. But then, something changed. Joy, love and laughter started to filter in through the cracks. And I realized that in yoga, just like life, the journey itself is the goal. Orient towards the process and you will find peace along the way. Stress the goal and you'll sacrifice the true heart of the practice. You are not defined by what shapes you can or can't make your body into. You don't earn your worth through your practice or effort. Set yourself free. Smile more. Judge less. Love life. Love yourself. Just love. That's enough. #ibelieveinlove . Taken @rancho_santana by @beachyogagirl And guess what?! It's Kerri's birthday today Go over to her page and wish her a happy birthday!!!!! send her snaps signing happy birthday and let's make Kerri smile all day.

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But year-round, the number one destination to beat will require one heck of a plane ride: Australia. Although with shots like this, we have to admit the Aussies are on to something.


"There's a split in that rock" wearing my favourite @aloyoga @ausoutbacknt #seeaustralia #NTaustralia

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