Cassey Ho Has a Message for People Who Think Pilates Is "Easy"

"Let's put you in a teaser and see if you won't cry."

American social media fitness entrepreneur Cassey Ho on stage at Kite Beach on October 27, 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Photo: Getty Images/Nick England

Whether she's calling out unrealistic beauty standards on Instagram or getting candid about her insecurities, Cassey Ho clearly doesn't stand for BS. In her latest video, the Blogilates creator is shutting down misconceptions about Pilates — namely, the (misguided) notion that Pilates "doesn't work your body" as well as other workouts.

But Ho isn't just calling out haters with a regular post on the 'Gram. She wrote a sassy, sharp song to shatter the myth that Pilates' small, controlled movements are "easy." (Remember when she challenged Brie Larson to do 100 sit-ups in five minutes?)

Showing off a series of killer Pilates moves — from teasers to side planks — Ho sings, "I be minding my own business, getting fit with my Pilates, when I hear the boys say, 'Does that even work your body?' Does that even work your body?! Have you even tried? Let's put you in a teaser and see if you won't cry."

In the next verse, Ho jokes about the inevitable heavy breathing, limb shaking, and next-day soreness you'll feel after a solid Pilates session. (If you know, you know.)

Ho's humor aside, it's long past time to move on from outdated stereotypes about Pilates being "easy" or the myth that it's only meant for certain body types. (Here's how another influencer is advocating for larger bodies in Pilates.)

After all, the core-based workout benefits your entire body. Pilates can not only strengthen your rectus abdominis (your powerhouse ab muscle) and your pelvic floor muscles, but it can also ease lower back pain and increase flexibility. Plus, since it's a low-impact workout, Pilates is gentle on your joints and can help you avoid injuries.

Pilates can even improve your performance in other workouts. "When you start focusing on your core, you realize that all of your muscles are connected through your core," Pilates instructor, Tracy Zindell previously told Shape. "With a stronger core, you can run faster, your yoga is on point, and overall, the rest of your workouts improve." (

While there's no denying Pilates' benefits for your body, there's also something to be said about doing the workout (or, really, any workout) simply because you love it. "As the fitness industry evolves, I hope that working out continues to become more about having fun, and focus on being healthy and sustainable, versus just having physique-related goals," Ho told Shape in a past interview. "My hope is that more people look beyond that and find a workout that they truly enjoy. Health and happiness are the main goals. What your body looks like is a side effect."

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