No time to hit a studio or cue up a workout video? No problem.

By Lauren Mazzo
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Heading to a studio for a workout requires transit time, advance planning, and remembering your workout clothes. (Although, Routinely has you covered on that latter point.) Working out at home with a video or livestreamed class requires your eyeballs on a screen and enough living room space to burpee it out. Head outside to work out, and your options are limited to running or relying on your own make-it-up-as-you-go creativity.

So what's a fit girl to do when you want a sweat sesh, but the options above simply aren't going to fly? ClassPass is answering that exact question with the launch of their new app: ClassPass Go. The app offers more than 400 guided audio workouts from top trainers set to DJ-curated playlists-from soothing acoustic sounds to Shawn Mendes' latest hit. Workouts range from eight-minute morning yoga flows to 81-minute extended speed workouts for advanced runners, as well as HIIT, strength training, rowing, walking, cycling, and meditation-and there will be new recordings added every month.

You can filter and select the perfect workout for you, depending on what equipment you have available, your fitness level, the amount of time you have, and your individual fitness goals. After you've completed a session, you can rate and review the workout-plus save it for later if you want to come back for a repeat sesh.

This launch comes just a few months after the debut of ClassPass Live, the brand's on-demand and livestreaming platform for HIIT workout classes. (Here's more on the way livestreaming is changing the workout world.)

It's worth noting that ClassPass isn't the first to break into the audio workout space-but right now, it's the only one that's free. Yep, you read that right. Even for non-ClassPass members. Other audio workout apps such as Aaptiv, Vi, Motion Traxx, and GOLD'S AMP boast similar experiences to ClassPass GO, but currently each cost about $10 to $15 per month for a subscription. (FYI: Most apps offer discounted yearlong or lifelong memberships in addition to month-by-month subscriptions.)

Bonus: If you're already a ClassPass member, they've made it easy to get all your fitness needs taken care of in one place. "The amazing thing about ClassPass Go is how well it seamlessly fits into the existing ClassPass ecosystem; we've been diligent about personalization in everything from filtering by experience level to letting users choose what music playlist they want for their workout," said Javier Cardenete, senior software engineer of ClassPass Go, in a press release.There's no telling how long ClassPass Go will be free (if you remember when ClassPass ditched its unlimited option, you know good things don't always last)-so head to the iOS or Android App store ASAP to try it out now.

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December 26, 2018
After using this for many months in an indoor pool, 2-3 times a week, thought it might be useful to update my experience. This has operated flawlessly and has become part of my swimming routine. Aside from taking an extra 45 seconds to place the earbuds correctly, I have no complaints or issues... check this products here :