The "Cupid Shuffle" TikTok Challenge Is Your New Fave Core Workout

It's so fun you won't want to quit.

TikTok is the social media platform to scroll through if you're in the market for endlessly entertaining dance videos, beauty hacks, fashion trends, and yes, fitness challenges. For a fun TikTok workout challenge that will light up your core, you should definitely try the "Cupid Shuffle" plank challenge.

As the name suggests, the fitness challenge mimics the iconic dance moves of the "Cupid Shuffle" by taking the choreography down to the mat. While everyone seems to put their own spin on it, the challenge generally involves starting in plank position, then performing several different plank variations — including your choice of hip dips, plank walks, plank leg lifts, and mountain climbers, among others — to match the moves in the song's lyrics.

If you have zero hand-eye coordination (same), it might take you a minute to get the moves down. But for the most part, this fitness challenge is pretty straightforward and easy to do at home.

While the "Cupid Shuffle" plank challenge can be described as a TikTok workout challenge, the idea isn't exactly new. In fact, it first went viral in 2016 on YouTube. It then resurfaced in 2018, with fitness influencers such as Blogilates founder Cassey Ho crushing it on the 'gram.

Not only does the "Cupid Shuffle" plank challenge look like a blast to try, but it also doesn't hurt that the plank, in general, is considered one of the best core exercises you can do. The functional fitness move can help improve shoulder stability since you're holding yourself up through your forearms, biceps, and shoulders. Plus, it can fire up your chest, quads, and glutes as long as you engage the muscles correctly.

Looking for other ways to make planking more fun? Try these plank variations that activate your core from all angles.

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