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Cutting-Edge Exercise Equipment from IHRSA 2015

New Exercise Equipment to Upgrade Your Fitness

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In need of some new gear? You're in luck. Hundreds of companies came together recently at the IHRSA International Convention and Trade Show in Los Angeles, CA to showcase exciting new innovations in the health and fitness space, including products that are so new they haven’t even hit the market yet. So what projects stood out amongst the plethora of fitness equipment and technology? Find out on the slides ahead and score yourself some of the best gear out there. (The right equipment can make or break your workout. Start by trying out these New Moves for Your Favorite Fitness Equipment.)

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This is no ordinary exercise mat! This expertly designed, unique 5’ x 2’ product offers cloud-like cushioning that you can conveniently take with you on-the-go, thanks to the innovative hinge seam molded in and comfortable handles. This soon-to-be released product from WellnessMats ($200; offers a whole new level of comfort for any type of exercise, from core work and stretching to yoga and Pilates. Plus, the anti-microbial properties make cleaning a breeze and the non-slip top and bottom ensure safety and support no matter what your workout might entail.

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Newly released from Trigger Point Performance Therapy—a well-respected company with roots in myofascial release, sports performance, and injury prevention—the hand-held T-Roller ($20; is the perfect, portable option for relieving minor muscle aches. With the expertly designed AcuGRIP™ handle, you can give common trouble spots the same targeted pressure you’d get from a massage therapist. In addition to offering compression, the circular design at the top of the T-roller can be used to increase circulation and reduce pain by rolling along the lines of sore muscles. (Don't miss these 4 Foam Roller Exercises to Burn Fat and Reduce Cellulite.)

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This hot new product from SKLZ ($30; offers core stability training on just about any surface (without leaving scuff marks!). It works by targeting the core through a wide variety of movements and also offers the unique ability to use the discs separately or by clipping them together for bilateral training. The unique shape and tread of the discs combined with the large surface area of the product allow for a non-slip grip that’s perfect for placing under your hands or feet to create a total-body workout that’ll have you training just like your favorite athletes.

Photo: SKLZ


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Stylish and truly functional, the new-to-the-market A300 ($160; from Polar is a heart rate monitor, activity tracker, and fashionable fitness accessory all rolled into one. With the ability to accurately measure your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, and quality of your sleep, you can now easily assess your workouts and overall wellness anywhere, anytime. 

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Love taking your workouts outdoors, but hate lugging your favorite strength training tools along with you? Hyperwear has created a versatile solution: the Fit RUCK ($100; It's a convertible and durable rucksack that can be used day-to-day as a gym bag that conveniently transports up to 60 pounds worth of your favorite training tools. With the weights safely secured inside, the shoulder straps can be simply removed, converting your individual training tools into one heavy sandbag, perfect for slamming, squatting, and swinging. The Fit Ruck is scheduled to be released later this spring. (Psst! Give these 3 SandBell Exercises to Build Strength a try!)

Photo: Hyperwear


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When it comes to plyometric exercises like box jumps, no longer do you have to worry about bruised shins (or packing knee-high socks). The Qube ($450; is a soft plyobox that offers the same stability as a standard wooden box thanks to the sturdy, reinforced foam construction. It also provides greater safety and comfort while performing your favorite moves. The Qube can be set to three different heights—20’’, 24’’, and 30’’—giving you greater variety for your workouts.

Photo: SPRI

Detonate Force Sandbag

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Sandbags are one of the hottest pieces of exercise equipment, and this newly released product ($60; is no exception. Specifically designed with superior toughness in mind, the triple-stitched seams and tough PVC cover can withstand an extreme amount of force, and the 10 to 12 ergonomic rubber handles offer more gripping options than just about any other sandbag on the market. Ranging in weight from 10 to 60 pounds, this training tool gives you the versatility and durability to use it in just about any way you can imagine for a killer, total-body workout.

Photo: Gopher Performance


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This highly anticipated, soon-to-be released product from the Southern California-based company NuFit Corp is prepared to offer greater comfort and support to the many common exercises you’re probably already doing. Designed with ergonomics and human movement in mind, the NuBench’s ($200; unique shape provides complete support for the entire spine. It also eliminates stress points in the body (such as the neck and lower back) when performing tried-and-true moves like chest press and dumbbell flys. Even more: It can be used on the floor to offer better range of motion and additional support during other popular exercises. Available for purchase this summer, the product boasts an easy-to-clean surface, thanks to the Marine grade vinyl that's both durable and moisture-resistant.

Photo: NuFit Corp


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