Cynthia Arnold crushed the Guinness World Record by pushing her three kids through an entire marathon course.

By Renee Cherry
July 20, 2019
Lerner Vadim/Shutterstock

Completing a marathon at all is a feat that takes major discipline. But one woman just ran the entire 26.2-mile race while pushing her three kids in a stroller and she finished in just more than three hours. Montana mom Cynthia Arnold finished the Missoula marathon while pushing her son and two daughters, crushing a Guinness World Record in the process. (Related: This Mom Breast Pumped While Completing a 70.3-Mile Ironman)

Arnold finished in 3:11.54, which is insane considering she was probably pushing more than 150 pounds. Plus, she cut almost an hour off of the previous record of 4:06.33 held by Ann Marie Cody.

This isn't Arnold's first Guinness title either. Last year she broke the record for running the fastest half marathon while pushing a triple stroller, with a time of 1:29.08. She also unofficially broke the record for running a half marathon while pushing a double stroller, the Missoulian reports. (Related: This 71-Year-Old Runner Has Completed 81 Marathons)

This time around, not only was she running twice as far, but she was pushing more weight since her kids have grown. "The kids are a year heavier, and I was feeling that," Arnold told Montana Sports. "The stroller felt really heavy this year."

Even given the fact that she was running 26.2 miles while pushing a loaded stroller, one of her biggest challenges was something every mom will relate to: keeping her kids occupied. "They're usually in the stroller more like one hour to an hour and 20 minutes," she told Montana Sports. "So it was a little over twice as long so that was going to be a big challenge for us." (Related: I Crushed My Biggest Running Goal As a 40-Year-Old New Mom)

The kids came through, though, allowing Arnold to solidify her status as a stroller-running legend.


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