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Definitive Proof That Instagram Yogis Are Obsessed with Yoga Wheels

Wheel by a Waterfall

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Is there anything more serene than striking a pose by a waterfall? This yogi found her center by Abiqua Falls in Portland, OR. (Before you try any of these advanced poses, check out Yoga Wheel 101 from our resident yoga expert.)

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Photo: @dawn_photo Instagram

Loosen Up

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Yoga wheels are perfect for loosening up a tight lower back—or when you're in the mood for a super ~chill~ practice. We could stay in this pose all day long.

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Photo: @confessionsofavanwife Instagram

Find Your Balance

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You could attempt a one-arm forearm stand by just going for it, or you could ease your way into it by propping yourself up like this with one of these bad boys.

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Photo: @yogoskenz Instagram

Open Your Heart

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Click through to watch this yogi's heart-opening flow, which uses the yoga wheel to really dip deep. (Tight shoulders? These yoga poses should help.)

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Photo: @natashaswinter Instagram

Savasana to the Fullest

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The ultimate savasana: relaxed body, relaxed mind, yogi-hater-blocker on. (Pair with these other yoga poses if you're looking to fall asleep, stat.)

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Photo: @yogatube Instagram

Make It Mini

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This yogi celebrated International Yoga Day with a mini yoga wheel, a bright background, and a punny quote: "The world is round so that friendship may encircle it." -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Photo: @spritesoren Instagram

Elevate Your Practice (Literally)

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Take your practice to the next level by literally raising your pose game. Try this arm balance for starters, then get playing with even more.

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Photo: @jaimefok Instagram

Go Full Circle

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Going head over heels is easier with a yoga wheel there to catch you. Use it to advance your backbends and push your limits without risk of falling.

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Photo: @suz_ploy Instagram

Twist It Up

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Add a twist to your wide-legged standing forward fold without having to touch the ground. Use a yoga wheel like a yoga block in this case, and you'll stay super grounded. (Add these muscle-toning twists to your flow too.)

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Photo: @kellypenderyoga Instagram

Double Up

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What's better than playing with one yoga wheel? Playing with two. (Even better? Match them to one of these gorgeous yoga mats.)

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Photo: @hannaleenah

Bind Boldly

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Take bound extended side angle pose even deeper by elevating your back foot on a mini wheel. Warning: this yogi makes it look a lot easier than it actually is.

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Photo: @monettemoio Instagram

Embrace Your Surroundings

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During this forearm stand dropping into camel pose, this yogi matches her tropical surroundings to a T. (Speaking of tropical surroundings, these beach yogis will give you serious vacation inspiration.)

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Photo: @theyogacouple Instagram

Float and Flow

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Combine stand-up paddleboard yoga with a yoga wheel, and you have possibly the trendiest yoga Instagram ever. If only we made transitioning into one-legged king pigeon pose look that good.

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Photo: @plexusyogawheel Instagram

Stretch It Out

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In case a regular split isn't stretching deep enough for you, a yoga wheel can make working on oversplits an easier feat. Note: yoga wheels will not automatically make you this flexible. (Start with this how-to split guide first.)

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Photo: @neyu_ma Instagram

Upgrade Your Upward Dog

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Perch your feet on a wheel during upward dog for a different feel—trying to touch your nose to toes like this skilled yogi is just a bonus.

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Photo: @vanjalina Instagram


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