"If you don't pull those ugly face while training, you're just not training hard enough."

By Faith Brar

Photos: Instagram / @emilyskyefit

Emily Skye will be the first to tell you that perfection is overrated. The Aussie fitness influencer has been honest about how she could "barely recognize" her body after giving birth-and her frustration with her slow post-baby body progress. And she's always down to embrace her stretch marks, cellulite and every other so-called flaw society has programmed us to pick apart.

In a recent rant on her Instagram Stories, the trainer got real about something else entirely: The "gym face." In a series of videos, Skye unapologetically showed how she wasn't able to keep a straight face while doing front raises and kettlebell thrusts. Then, poking fun at herself, she polled her followers to see if they'd ever made "ugly" faces during those last few reps, too.

To her surprise, quite a few people said they managed to stay pretty expressionless during workouts, but Skye wasn't buying it. "To all the people who said they don't make funny faces while training...I expect you to send me a video of your training looking beautiful and perfect mid-workout," she said. "I think if you don't pull those ugly face while training, you're just not training hard enough."

To everyone else whose "gym face" involves a forehead dripping in sweat, strands of loose hair stuck to the side of your face and neck, and lips sealed so tight it looks like you might implode, Skye wants you to know you're not alone. After all, your body reacts in all sorts of strange and complicated ways when you're giving it all in a workout-and your face is no exception.

"Who gives a shit what people think," she said. "You just have to do your thing and people are always going to say things. Who cares if you pull funny faces because what matters is what you're doing and that you keep going." (Related: An Open Letter to Women Who Feel Like They Don't Belong In the Gym)

Bottom line: While it may feel like it sometimes, the gym is not a runway. It shouldn't be a place where you need to look your best, but a place where you should do your best. Skye wants you to keep that in mind the next time you're worried about your "ugly" gym face-or whatever else is holding you back from putting your best foot forward.

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