This Fit Mom Is Redefining Bodyweight Exercises

Who needs a home gym when you have kids?

Stay Strong Mummy.

Moms know how hard it can be to stay fit while taking care of wee ones, and everyone solves that problem a little differently. Some hit the gym before the kids wake up, others do at-home DVD workouts during nap time. Fit mom Kimberly Welman figured she'd just work her kids into her routine. Alongside other healthy tips for moms, her blog Stay Strong Mummy features workout routines that replace dumbbells with her three little ones. (See more Weight-Loss Bloggers We Love.)

"I would set them up for some activities outside, but of course they just wanted to jump around and on top of me," said Welman, 31, on the Today show. "I figured, well, if this is what they want to do, then so be it. So while I was doing dips, I'd sit one of them on my lap. While I was doing some abs, they'd sit on my tummy. When I did bear crawls, they'd hop on my back."

Welman redefines what we think of as "basic workouts," putting a whole new spin on oldies like squat jumps, bear crawls, and push-ups. Check her out in action:

What a win-win solution: she gets some added resistance and her three kids get fun time with mommy. And, some days, daddy joins in too, making it a family affair. Using her kids in her workouts not only looks like a blast (we're pretty sure a tickle war broke out right after this video ended), but it also sets a great example for them as they grow older. (After all, healthy habits could depend on how you're raised.)

The rest of us win too, since anyone with kids at home can borrow her ideas and create a low-cost, do-anywhere workout!

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