A Fitness Instructor Is Leading "Socially Distant Dancing" On Her Street Every Day

Videos of the neighborhood's social distancing dance moves are going viral on Twitter.

There's nothing like a mandatory quarantine to help you get more creative with your fitness routine. Maybe you're finally diving into the world of home workouts, or live-streaming your favorite studios' classes now that they've gone virtual. But if you need more inspiration, one neighborhood in the UK is doing daily, socially distant dance sessions led by a local fitness instructor.

On Tuesday, Elsa Williams of North West England began sharing videos on Twitter showing her neighborhood's dance sessions. In a series of tweets, Williams explained that local fitness instructor, Janet Woodcock began leading daily social-distancing dance breaks to lift neighbors' spirits while they're under quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Socially distant dancing happens every day on our road at 11am during #lockdown," Williams tweeted alongside a video showing the neighborhood's "day seven" dance session. "Distance dancing only lasts 10 minutes a day so [it] causes minimal disturbance," added Williams in another tweet. "Mostly our road is kids and elderly residents who are self-isolating, so they look forward to it."

By the eighth day of her neighborhood's socially distant dancing, Williams shared on Twitter that news cameras from BBC and ITV had appeared to film them getting their boogie on.

"Couldn't not tweet this: a resident came out in a lilac sequined tracksuit 'to make sure she'd see herself on telly'. Icon," Williams joked in another tweet.

Of course, you don't need to have professional dance skills to let loose and have fun (or reap the mind-body benefits of dance, for that matter). "Nobody is dancing in time. We know we're not very good. Ultimately, it changes nothing. But for a few minutes every day, our little corner of the universe feels a bit less alone. That's something," shared Williams.

"It was only meant to be a one time thing," she added. "But it lifted people round here up a bit and they wanted more. It's also worth noting that our road hardly spoke to each other before all this!"

It seems the socially distant dancing trend is catching on in the U.S., too. Over the last month or so, dozens of people have taken to social media with their own distanced dance sessions. Sherrie Neely of Tennessee recently shared a Facebook video of her 6-year-old daughter Kira having a dance-off with her 81-year-old grandfather on opposite sides of the same street.

And in Washington, D.C., a Cleveland Park neighborhood now gathers regularly for a socially distanced dance and sing-a-long party, according to the Washingtonian. It started with just a few residents on the street but has now grown to nearly 30 people—including neighborhood dogs (!!), reports the outlet. (

Even if you can't coordinate a socially distanced dance party in your neighborhood, remember you can still get outside for some exercise (as long as you're maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from others)—whether you want to run, walk, break a sweat with an outdoor workout, or even try dancing yourself. (Need somewhere to start? These streaming workouts offer plenty of dance cardio workouts you can do at home.

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