Maybe it's time to reevaluate that gym membership you're not using.

By Emily Abbate
Updated: November 15, 2017
Photo: Flywheel Sports

Let's face it: Part of the draw of group fitness classes (and the boom of boutique studios) is the accountability and motivation these communities offer. You get to sweat next to (and in some instances, compete against) some 12 to 30 other athletes all working hard toward improving their performance.

One place you can definitely expect that experience is Flywheel-the indoor cycling studio that offers riders fitness-focused metrics for real-time feedback on their performance, as well as their signature TorqBoard that pits riders against one another for sprint races and overall performance. Don't you wish you could take that feeling (see: endorphins) home with you?

Well, Flywheel's making major waves with the announcement of Fly Anywhere, a high-performance in-home bike and streaming content platform allowing people across the globe to bring that sweat-dripping, competition-heavy experience into their living rooms. Users will be able to choose live classes, broadcast from a New York City studio where on-site bikers are riding along with you, or stream on-demand rides at any time. (Related: This New Live Streaming Fitness Platform Will Change the Way You Exercise Forever)

The at-home version of the bike, which is a tweak on the upgraded model the brand recently launched in their 42 U.S. studios, has a flexible frame that offers a similar type of movement you'd expect while riding outside. Other features include ergonomically designed handlebars that will make for a comfortable ride in all three positions instructors cue over the course of class, a torq knob that adjusts your resistance, a device tray and USB connector for easy tech charging, and water bottle holders-plus Bluetooth that shoots data from your ride into the FlyWheel app. This syncing of your numbers makes it easy for you to compare data from Fly Anywhere rides and in-studio classes all in one place. (Related: 12 Things All Avid Spinners Will Relate To)

Fly Anywhere comes from really listening to feedback from the brand's loyal athletes, says Sarah Robb O'Hagan, CEO of Flywheel Sports. "They told us that they're not always able to get to the studio and that they wanted to take this experience with them. So it just seemed like now more than ever, we're really listening to the voices of those that love us the most and delivering what they want."

Photo: Flywheel Sports

What's more, the at-home experience doesn't end with cycling. "For the longest time, the one thing we hear from our 'FlyFam' is that they want to do more of their fitness with Flywheel," says O'Hagen. So, the brand is also offering supplementary 30-, 20-, and 10-minute stream-able classes off the bike that you can take at home or on the road, including FlyBarre (their total-body sculpting class offered in studios across the country), as well as strength and stretch/recovery-based classes.

You can purchase the bike with a built-in display monitor for easy streaming ($2,099) or without ($1,699), along with a monthly subscription ($39) for unlimited content. While that's a hefty price tag up front, Flywheel allows up to four riders (user profiles) per device. The model sans monitor easily connects to a home TV using Apple TV or via other iOS devices, including iPad and iPhone. On the chosen device, you'll see all of your metrics including RPM (revolutions per minute) and duration, right alongside the video class content. Come 2018, the bike will also be able to sync with Roku, Chromecast, and Android devices.

Fly Anywhere is one of several options on the market bringing live fitness content into the comfort of your home-most notably Peloton, which launched its at-home bike option a couple years ago. The Peloton bike, which comes with a large built-in monitor stocked with more than 6,000 different on-demand classes and 14 daily livestreamed sessions, costs $1,995 with a $39/month membership fee. Still, O'Hagan says the competition isn't something they're focused on.

"What's really unique about Flywheel is that our community is super passionate about fitness," she says. "We get the 'I love being challenged,' 'I love the TorqBoard,' 'I want the best group of instructors' types." Ultimately, hardware and price points aside, you're probably going to choose an in-home streaming bike for the community that "fits with your psyche," she adds. Regardless, it sounds like having your favorite studio fitness classes in your own home (wear whatever beat-up t-shirt you want!) could become more the norm than a luxury.

Fly Anywhere is available starting today and can be purchased at or at selects showroom nationwide.


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