She gives strength and determination a whole new meaning.

By Faith Brar

Prisais Townsend (@princess_p_freya_doll) is a 4-year-old from Southern California who already has a budding enthusiasm for all things fitness. On top of learning gymnastics, the workout whiz is also a beast in the gym and recently reached her goal of performing 10 pull-ups(!) in a row. (P.S. Here's How to Finally Do a Pull-Up)

It's not entirely surprising that Prisais is such a natural-her dad is a former Chicago Bears wide receiver, co-owns the gym Autumo CrossFit, and is well on his way to becoming a fitness influencer on Instagram.

He recently shared a video of his daughter completing the pull-ups all by herself and wrote how much he loved her commitment. "I pray my Princess P will forever carry the will and determination that women can be beautiful, smart, respectful, and strong all in one," he said. (Related: This 9-Year-Old Crushed an Obstacle Course Designed By Navy SEALs)

She also enjoys doing push-ups, deadlifts, and squats. But perhaps her most inspiring feat is the fact that she can do a 20-inch box jump like it's no big deal. Take a look:

While it's easy to see that Prisais could have a career in sports someday, her dad wants her time in the gym to be fun. "I never want Prisais to feel pressure in the gym," he told Yahoo! Lifestyle. "We'll stop the second this is no longer fun for her."

Instead, he wants to make it an empowering experience. "I have three daughters and I want them to know that they can be as strong as a man," he says. "CrossFit is one way to do that."

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this might be great but as I have read in the Consumer Health Digest, children lifting weights can stunt their growths as bones are still expanding. I do hope she wont be affected in a negative way in the long run