Spoiler: It wasn't zen.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: September 30, 2016

A lot of people loathe regular yoga-all the quietness, balancing, breathing, and contorting into shapes equal absolute hell if you're not into it. Now imagine letting the thing you're most afraid of (spiders, snakes, your ex-boyfriend, etc.) wander around the room while you're downward-dogging. Sounds like a total nightmare, right?

Well, that's what we did with Instagram sensations @Girlwithnojob and @Boywithnojob (Claudia Oshry and Ben Soffer) in our final episode of FunEmployed, the video series where we force them to tackle the hottest (and wackiest) fitness trends. (ICYMI, we've already sent them to get a face workout, to a scary reformer class, to a Daybreaker, a firefighters' workout class, and a trampoline workout class, and they will all have you lol-ing.)

For the finale, we knew we had to do something big. Enter: The Meow Parlor, a cat café where they also do yoga and offer up cats for adoption. Since this duo is über athletic, yoga is already a stretch (literally). But make it cat yoga-where you do yoga surrounded by cats-and add the fact that Claudia is terrified of them, and you have the recipe for a hilariously disastrous class.

Watch the video to see how Claudia and Ben handle their experience at the Meow Parlor. We have to admit, she put up a good fight, and Ben's impromptu cat-shield was pretty genius.

If this didn't scare you away from cat yoga completely, read up on what a cat yoga class is really like, and why everyone should try it at least once. (Reason number one: There are actually health benefits to getting your om on with animals-for real.)


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