All the feels you have when you take a week (or two or three) off from the gym.


Whether you've fallen off your workout groove and just can't get back on, or need to give yourself a chunk of time to chillax and reset, taking a workout hiatus can be both wonderful and really effing weird if you're used to sweating on the reg. We'll bet you felt each of these things along the way-right up until you hop back in the sweat-sesh saddle. (And when you are, here's how to get back into working out.)

Day 1: My body needs a reallllll good rest day.

Oprah Bubble Bath GIF

This is amazing. Like a body vacation. (If you're experiencing any of these things, you desperately need a rest day.)

Day 3: If I'm on a workout vacation, why do I still have to eat veggies?

Michael Scott Eating

My brain still thinks that rest day = cheat day.

Day 4: All this rest is making my body feel brand-spanking-new.

Ariel New Human

For real-I feel tighter, lighter, and leaner. Plus, nothing hurts. How could that be? (Actually, there's science behind why you feel so good when you take a workout break.)

Day 6: All right, well I guess I can't eat as much as usual since I'm not working out RN.

Sad Pizza

Ughhh but look at that pizza! Forget it-I'm having some anyway.

Day 8: Why can't I sleep?! My legs are literally twitching.

Spongebob sleep

Where's the melatonin? I think I have restless legs syndrome.

Day 9: Wow, my appetite is, like, gone.

Not Hungry

I don't feel like an extremely hangry human anymore. This is either great, or horrible. (FYI social media might be ruining it.)

Day 10: I feel like a blob.

Mean Girls Sweatpants

This vacation is amazing, but I feel a little bleh.

Day 12: I think all of my muscle has disappeared.

Feel So Weak

Someone open this jar for me pleaseee. Ugh-I can't get this door open.

Day 13: I cannot focus on anything to save my life.

Cant Focus Gif

I feel like I'm back in high school science class.

Day 15: I don't think I even remember how to work out anymore.

Workout vs Couch

The couch is my new workout area. Lifting pizza to face.

Eventually... All right, it's over. I'm headed to the gym.

Exercise Yay

Workout high, here I come.