Hint: The only lives that need saving are theirs.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: September 21, 2016

As part of our FunEmployment series, we've had Instagram stars @girlwithnojob (Claudia Oshry) and @boywithnojob (Ben Soffer) trying all sorts of strange fitness things-from an early-morning Daybreaker party to a face workout to a trampoline workout class. While all of those excursions put their fitness levels to the test, this next one is a doozy, tough enough to scare even a true fitness fan: the Extreme Firefighters' Workout at Crunch Gyms. (Have you ever wondered why we love tortuously hard workouts so much? Us too.)

The workout is intended to train you for all the brutal physical demands of being a firefighter IRL: handling large hoses, rescuing dummies, swinging axes, carrying heavy equipment, racing up a pole, climbing stairs, etc. If you know these two social media personalities at all, then you'd probably guess they'd make this as dirty as humanly possible. (Poles? Human dummies? Hoses? Come on-that's just asking to be meme-d.)

But we were surprised at how game they were to get down and dirty with the emergency responder responsibilities. They even saved a very lucky "woman" named Sondra who needed their help. Maybe they were feeling inspired by the men and women who risk their lives every day, or maybe they were just scared of getting yelled at by the hunky instructor. Either way, you need to watch their impressive performance-especially to see Claudia strut down a pretend runway with kettlebells in hand, to see Ben sliding down a pole, and to see a creative new way to do box jumps. (Want to do a real plyo box workout? We've got that too.)


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