These GIFs are our worst nightmare, on repeat

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: April 12, 2016

These GIFs are not for the faint of heart-they will have you squirming in your seat and may give you PTSD through your next few gym sessions. But as much as they make you cringe, they'll also make you feel better about that time you tripped over a dumbbell or your phone went flying off the treadmill...because these are oh so much worse. Takes these visual horror stories as cues of what not to do at the gym. (Also, can we please note that most of these are men? That's probably why women have a longer life expectancy.)

1. Don't get too ambitious with your box jumps.

If your ego is bigger than your muscles, check yourself.

2. Really, just be careful jumping onto anything.

It's not about how high you can jump, but whether you can do it without face-planting.

3. Stop doing stupid things with exercise balls.

It's common sense, people.

4. Really, use those things with caution.

5. Or maybe just stop using them at all.

If you do want to, stick to these approved exercises.

6. At-home workouts are great, but they can't replace everything in a gym.

Try a bodyweight routine that gives you a much lower chance of equipment-failure-induced injury.

7. But if you're at the gym, make sure your spotter actually knows how to spot.

Slash stop lifting stuff that's way too heavy for you.

8. And make sure the equipment is legit.


9. Don't get distracted by other things (like your cell phone, that hot guy, etc.).

Yet another reason not to be that person at the gym.

10. Mostly just stop doing things on the treadmill that you shouldn't.

Repeat after me: treadmills are not toys.

11. Getting creative is cool, but you shouldn't really make things up if you haven't seen them done before.

Cables machines and free weights? Interesting combo.

12. If you're not sure what to do with a certain piece of equipment, you should probably stay away.

13. Or else something like this might happen.

Not the best way to get flexible, FYI. (Try these tips for getting bendy instead.)


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