You will never look at a pumpkin the same way again.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: October 19, 2016

If scary movies, haunted hayrides, and houses filled with ghouls and goblins are too eerie for you, we've got just the Halloween fun you need: a pumpkin workout. Actually, it's even better-we have a bunch of dudes *attempting* a pumpkin workout that we made up.

ICYMI, we tried this first with dudes doing their best attempt at yoga poses. We gave them real asana names, and they gave it their weirdest, most earnest and hilarious shot at nama-staying calm. In the end, they came away with a new respect for yoga, and we got a lot of good laughs.

Obv, we figured we'd put their festive fall spirits to the test next. We made up some pumpkin workout moves (like "Pumpkin Push-Up" and "Pumpkin Get-Up") and gave them the moves, then told them to ~freestyle~. Armed with a variety of dumbbell-er, gourd- sizes, they got sweaty and pumpkin spice-y in front of the camera for your viewing pleasure. The results include a few epic #fails, some possible injuries, a little seductive dancing, something called "tramp stamp pumpkins" (?!), and some legit workout moves (good job, guys!). You'll have to watch to see the funniest parts, and if you don't LOL at least a little, you need to check your resting witch face-stat.

One word of warning: According to these guys, working out with a pumpkin gives you a serious human-squash bond. You may never want to eat pumpkin pie again. (And in that case, the recent news that canned pumpkin isn't actually pumpkin is actually good news).


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