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Heated Spin, Sandbox, and 5 More Summer Fitness Classes For Winter

Kayak Pool Sessions

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If you love: Kayaking
Try: Kayak pool sessions

You won’t have whitecaps to navigate, but you can still strengthen your skills (as well as your core and upper body) with kayak pool sessions such as those offered through Kayak Chicago and Liquid Adventures in Cabin John, Maryland. Plus, you can work on specific techniques (like the Eskimo roll and rescues) so you’ll feel confident taking on more challenging adventures when it’s warm enough to paddle outdoors again.

Photo: Kayak Chicago

Indoor Sand Volleyball

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If you love: Beach volleyball
Try: Indoor sand volleyball

Bump, set, spike! Kick off your shoes and dig your toes into the sand year-round at an indoor sand volleyball court. Sharpen your serve at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City, Grand Sands in Cincinnati or Texas Image Sand in Grand Prairie, TX. You’ll be totally ready when it’s time to sign up for summer leagues!

Photo: The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers


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If you love: Surfing

Instead of lusting after a Hawaiian escape, get your surf on indoors at an Indo Yoga Board class or SURFSET, both available nationwide. Both classes use specially designed indoor surfboards that offer similar instability to what you’d experience on the open water, giving you a killer total-body workout—minus the shark risk.


Indoor Obstacle Courses

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If you love: Tough Mudders and Spartan races
Try: Indoor obstacle courses

Already got your roster of summer races ready to go? Great! Your training starts now. Gyms like Iron Sports in Houston and Unleashed in Rhode Island give you real experience on obstacles you’d face during these races, including monkey bars, peg boards, ropes, military ladders, tunnels, floating walls, and more.

Photo: Unleashed

Indoor Sand Bootcamp

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If you love: Beach bootcamp
Try: Indoor sand bootcamp

For a year-round beach body, just add sand: Sandbox Fitness in Sherman Oaks, CA, Baja Body Athletic Club in Oceanside, CA, and the Manhattan Beach Workout at Chelsea Piers in New York City brought the sand inside for their bootcamp-style cardio and strength training classes. Exercising on the sand offers extra resistance (hello, stabilizer muscles!), increases your heart rate and calorie burn, and provides shock absorption to help make high-impact activities less jarring for your joints.

Photo: Sandbox

Heated Spin

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If you love: Outdoor cycling
Try: Heated spin

When the weather drives you indoors, you don’t have to sacrifice working up a sweat from the hot summer weather. At the Sweat Shoppe in L.A. and Ryder classes at nationwide CorePower Yoga, rooms are jacked up to a balmy 80 to 85 degrees. The tropical temps quickly heat up your muscles, allow you to acclimate faster than in cold weather, and will leave you dripping from head to toe.

Photo: Corbis Images

Indoor Rowing Classes

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If you love: Rowing
Try: Indoor rowing classes

Indo-Row classes, available at more than 100 locations throughout the U.S. (including some Equinox Gyms), use a specially designed rowing machine to give you that same smooth, slicing-through-water sensation you experience with an oar outdoors. Even if you’ve never been on a boat, it’s worth checking out: Rowing is a total-body conditioning workout that’s super-low impact, which means you can go harder and longer than other types of cardio.

Photo: Indo Row


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