You'll transform into a sea creature and get an intense workout in the process.

By Renee Cherry
August 22, 2018

If Ariel the mermaid were a real person/creature, she'd definitely be ripped. Swimming is a cardio workout that involves working every major muscle group to combat the water's resistance. And thanks to a new trend in "mermaid fitness" classes, you can get in on what a typical total-body circuit might look like under the sea. The classes involve slipping on a huge fin-as in, a life-size tail, not flippers-and swimming and kicking your way through a serious pool workout. If you have a vacation in the works to Spain, Mexico, or Japan, you might soon be able to try out a class right in your hotel. is bringing classes taught by pro mermaids (dream job, right?) to some of its hotels in all three countries in September.

Everyone who signs up for the new classes will "dive into an underwater world and flip, roll, and twist their way through a series of bespoke and challenging exercises," according to a press release. It might look pretty, but swimming with a tail takes some getting used to, and you can expect some challenging cardio and core work as a result. (Here's more on what to expect from a mermaid fitness class.)

Admittedly, even the best-laid plans to exercise on vacay end up getting canceled since a hotel gym never sounds as appealing as, say, a drink in your hand while lounging in a beach cabana. But when a workout is as fun and unusual as swimming around dressed like a mermaid, not only will you not bail, but it could become a highlight of your trip. Plus, it's a unique 'gram opp you probably won't get elsewhere. (Next, check out these cool new water workouts that have nothing to do with swimming.)